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Best Spas for Summer Skincare

Nanskin & Urban Allure

Getting the perfect pores during summer is one of those enterprises that can make you go “hmmm". Given the unpredictable weather fluctuations all San Franciscans have accustomed themselves to, it’s kind of hard to plan in advance, especially in the hot-and-cold (often in the same day) season. But here are two skincare spas that pride themselves on offering stellar services that are always in season.


Ever since aesthetician Nan Webb set up shop in 1991 in her cozy courtyard-facing Union Street spa, clients have been flocking to her in hordes. It could be because of Webb’s friendly, down-home aura (she’ll offer you a glass of wine, assess your skin, and chat about life in general), her inimitable private-label products (cultivated from years of figuring out what works and what doesn’t), or her clinical-strength, custom facials -- but most likely, it’s a combination of all three.

A facial with Webb involves plenty of luxurious touches: a paraffin hand dip, plenty of shoulder and neck massage, meticulous eyebrow waxing, and multiple masks and other yummy unguents for your face to drink. Webb specializes in all kinds of skin, and her loyal clients range from people afflicted by adult acne to those in need of a serious anti-aging boost. Clinical-strength chemical peels, powerful antioxidants, and products with botanical extracts are applied to your skin with special attention to preventing post-facial inflammation. And while Webb won’t push her scientifically advanced products on you at the end, the samples she’ll send you home with might convince you to change your regimen. Try her soothing cucumber mask or her glow-inducing hyaluronic cream for some home spa indulgence.

Urban Allure

Founded by physician Joseph Franks in 2005, Urban Allure is a FiDi haven that’s a chic alternative to the typical antiseptic medi-spa. Staffed by registered nurses and a paramedical aesthetician, Urban Allure is the kind of spa where you can expect candid, informative customer service, as well as an afternoon of optimal pampering. Urban Allure’s focused approach to combining beauty with science ensures that you’ll see the results almost immediately with most of the services.

Aside from laser treatments that are safe for all skin types, Urban Allure’s clinical skincare is a prime draw for beauty mavens. Custom facials with medical-grade products you’re not too likely to find at your typical neighborhood spa are what they do best. Product lines like Environ, La Roche Posay, and Elta are used in the treatments, which range from the innovative diamond tome microdermabrasion (which utilizes diamond-encrusted wands instead of loose crystals, for minimal irritation) to the oh-so-soothing Environ prescription facial. The latter lasts for about 90-minutes and is a luxurious multi-step service that uses galvanic current and low-frequency sound waves, which enable the skin to absorb vitamins into deeper layers. It’s also deeply cleansing and antibacterial, with a focus on cellular repair and stimulating collagen production. A super-hydrating, milky mask is one of the highlights of the facial and will leave you luminescent at the end.

Aside from perks like goodie bags of samples and generous discounts for frequent customers, Urban Allure is the kind of place that offers you perhaps the most crucial benefit of all: the sense of being in good hands.