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Best Bike Shops

Gear Up for Summer

Now that we’re getting into August it’s finally starting to feel a little more like summer — and not the chilly, foggy “San Francisco summer”. What better way to enjoy it than with a sunny bike ride?

In San Francisco, we are lucky to have plentiful bike shops in just about every neighborhood. Here are a few that stand out for your summer (and other seasonal) bicycle needs.

The Mission

Box Dog Bikes is a great place to find spare parts. This worker-owned collective is always well stocked with quality used and new components for your new or vintage ride. It’s a great place to stock up on handmade accessories, ranging from local Chuey Brand cycling caps to bags and packs from Freight and R.E.Load, and limited-edition goodies from local friends and artists. For basic fixes, the community bench is stocked with tools. But don’t be intimidated to ask for help; all the workers are super friendly and helpful.

Valencia Cyclery is another fantastic bike shop that has been under the same ownership since 1985. The store is family friendly and features bikes of various styles from child to adult sizes. Don’t know a thing about road or mountain bikes but want to learn about them and test one out? This is a great place to start. The employees are friendly and approachable; you won’t get any ’tude for bringing in a non-fixie for repairs. Curious about BMX? You can also test ride those and buy them here. The showroom and repair shop are conveniently located right next to each other. Don’t miss the sale August 4th to 8th!

The Castro

Previously located in the Lower Haight, Refried Cyles, relocated in 2007 to a nice quiet block on 17th at Sanchez in The Castro. This store stocks new and used road, mountain, touring and track (fixed gear) bikes and is a “purveyor of fine vintage road bikes.” Refried builds custom Bare Knuckle, Jamis, PaKe track bikes and other builds with tasty frames. The store also specializes in classic used bike parts.


Not the cheapest, but the best source to find authentic, high-quality Dutch bicycles is My Dutch Bike. This is one of the only places in San Francisco you can find bakfiets (family/child transport/cargo bikes) and oma/opafiets (classic Dutch City bikes affectionately dubbed “grandma bikes”) imported from Holland. Dutch bikes offer the ability to ride in the upright position. With chainguards, flat pedals and coat protectors. You can ride in any snazzy outfit and arrive at your destination unruffled. In addition to the standard repairs and adjustments (specialized knowledge on European-style city bikes), My Dutch Bike can also transform your bike with racks, fenders, lights, gear hubs and whatever else you need to utilitarianize your ride!

South Beach

Conveniently situated at the Caltrain Station at 4th and King, Warm Planet Bikes is not only a secure parking option for Caltrain commuters, but it also sells bikes — primarily of the folding and cargo-carrying variety. For those who take bikes on BART (touchy during morning rush commute hours), folding bikes are a good solution, and Warm Planet carries a sizable selection including Dahon and Bike Friday. Tires, panniers, rain gear, fenders and more are in abundance for bike commuters, and don’t be afraid to bring your commuter bike here for repairs. Only open on weekdays.

The Bike Hut, at Pier 40, is a well-loved wee iconoclast in a sea of bike shops. It’s gained a rosy reputation as an oft-preferred alternative to the obvious rental places that label you as an instant tourist. Have friends coming into town and want to take them on a bike tour? Look no further; very competitive rental pricing, no deposit and no collateral required! If you’re on the market for an economical used bike, also be sure to check out the selection here, ranging in price from $40 to $300. If you’d like to learn about bikes and how to repair yours or just get yours repaired, Bike Hut does those too. Closed on rainy days.

North Beach

Citizen Chain Cyclery has a loyal fan base. A No elitist attitude and quality service for affordable prices are just two reasons. Since 2007, the shop has supplied everything from vintage Italian bikes to carbon fiber road bikes, classic cruisers, and more. In addition to standard repairs, Citizen Chain also offers powder coating, chroming and custom decals for those who want to personalize (or floss out) their rides.

Inner Sunset

Friendly expertise is in no short supply at Roaring Mouse Cycles, where the staff is comprised of seasoned racers, mechanics, and riders practiced and well-versed in road, mountain, and track cycling. If you end up purchase a new bike here, it comes with a full year of service free of charge, as long as repairs fall within Roaring Mouse’s Lube and Adjust bike service list. And if you’re still not convinced this shop cares about complete satisfaction, if you purchase a complete here and after riding a bit you determine you’d like to replace a part for better fit, get the new component with thirty-five percent discount.

Box Dog Bikes
494 14th Street
Cross: Guerrero
San Francisco, CA 94103

Valencia Cyclery
Showroom: 1077 Valencia Street
Repair Shop: 1065 Valencia Street
Cross: 21st Street
San Francisco, CA

Refried Cycles
3804 17th Street
Cross: Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

My Dutch Bike
575 Market Street
Cross: 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Warm Planet Bikes
311 Townsend Street
Cross: 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

The Bike Hut
Pier 40 (The Embarcadero)
Cross: Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Citizen Chain Cyclery
2064 Powell Street
Cross: Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Roaring Mouse Cycles
1352 Irving Street
Cross: 15th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122