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Best (and Worst) Films of 2010

And the Winner Is...

Our film critics weigh in on the best and worst films that made it to the big screen in 2010.

Rossiter Drake

Best Films
1. The Social Network
What David Fincher's film makes clear is that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s former business partners, like the girls he alienates, see him as a condescending, status-obsessed geek who holds a grudge. And in some ways Fincher, who has portrayed serial killers both fictional (Seven) and real (Zodiac), has never presented a character as remorselessly vicious as the implacable cyberpunk. Whether the portrait is accurate is hard to know, but Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin have forcefully, fascinatingly stated their case.
2. Winter’s Bone
3. Rabbit Hole
4. Inception
5. The Tillman Story
Honorable mentions: Solitary Man, 127 Hours, Art of the Steal, Shutter Island, Kick-Ass

Worst Films
1. Grown Ups
2. Cop Out
3. MacGruber
4. Skyline
5. The Expendables

Mel Valentin

Best Films
1. Blue Valentine
Anchored by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’ award-caliber performances, writer-director Dean Cianfrance’s searing drama, dissects a working class couple’s disintegrating marriage with merciless, wrenching precision.
2. Rabbit Hole
3. The Fighter
4. The King’s Speech
5. Never Let me Go
Honorable mentions: Inside Job, Megamind, How To Train Your Dragon, The Pat Tillman Story, the Red Riding trilogy

Worst films
1. Sex and the City 2
2. The Last Airbender

Martin Malloy

Best Films
1. Black Swan
Darren Aronofsky blends his paranoid horror sensibilities of Requiem for a Dream and Pi masterfully with the character study he perfected in The Wrestler. Natalie Portman ain't too shabby either as a ballerina that slowly unravels under the pressure of achieving perfection.
2. The Social Network
3. Inception
4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
5. Cyrus
Honorable Mentions: 127 Hours, Ghost Writer, The Town, Mesrine, Micmacs

Worst Films
1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
2. When In Rome
3. Leap Year
4. Dinner for Schmucks
5. Avatar