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Becky Kupersmith of Von Iva

The Party Continues

After rubbing shoulders with Jim Carrey during an extended stay in L.A. and making a cameo in his upcoming film Yes Man, SF electro-rock fashionistas Von Iva are preparing to conquer new ground with a tour that will culminate with three gigs at South by Southwest. But fear not, loyal San Franciscans, the dashing trio will be back in the city in late March to work on their second album and inevitably rock some local gigs. Synth maven Becky Kupersmith recently spoke with SF Station.

SF Station (SFS): Von Iva has had a lot of success with touring and getting publicity, without much outside help. What are some of the things that have helped you along the way?

Becky Kupersmith (BK): We are all driven and ambitious. We all have a lot of ideas and we have strong opinions about how we want things. The three of us all have really strong personalities and we donít really need to look outside of that. That is part of the reason why we called our album Our Own Island.

SFS: What has been the most difficult obstacle for the band?

BK: Itís hard to say, but it is probably just financial problems. We always have great shows and we have a lot of fun on tour. We also have a lot of fun writing songs and planning our stage clothes and things like that. The hardest part is when you tour often; itís hard to come back to San Francisco and pay rent. Everything else is amazing.

SFS: Do you think that will ever drive you out of the city?

BK: I donít think so. I think if we were going to leave, it would happen if we toured nonstop all over the place. I love San Francisco and we are definitely quite proud of our city.

SFS: You spent a couple weeks in L.A. recently. What was going on down there?

BK: Actually, we havenít talked about it in the press at all, but we are going to be in a Jim Carrey movie called Yes Man that comes out in December. We wrote four songs with Zooey Deschanel and we are going to be in the movie.

SFS: How did you get involved with that?

BK: After we put our album out in August and got home from being on tour, we got a call from the music supervisor from Warner Brothers. He saw our CD at Amoeba in Hollywood, and he liked it and we met with him down in L.A. The next day they called us and told us they wanted us to do the project and stay in L.A. for a month.

SFS: Did you hangout with Jim Carrey, at all?

BK: We only saw him during the two days we were shooting in November. He was pretty funny, as you might imagine.

SFS: And that didnít make you want to try your luck down in Hollywood?

BK: If we were treated like that all the time, I definitely think we would move down there. We totally got the rock-star treatment. But I like San Francisco and I donít want to move to L.A.

SFS: March is a busy month for you. When you go on tour, is it hard to keep the energy going every night?

BK: Youíd think it would be, but it is actually the opposite. During our last tour in August, I felt like I just wanted to keep going. It seemed like it got better the longer we were out.

SFS: Does the party continue after you leave the stage?

BK: Yes, of course.

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