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Beautiful Boxer

Not Just A Pretty Face

Presented as half-documentary, half-Asian soap opera, this movie is at once astonishing and inspiring. Based on the true story of Thai boxing champion Parinya Charoenphol, a shy and sweet yet conflicted young man who stumbles into the fierce world of boxing only to become a national icon who then uses his new found savings to have a sex change.

While Beautiful Boxer is not meant to be hokey and is actually quite genuine, the way in which the film is presented -- with melodramatic flashbacks and airbrushed, "glam" interviews -- makes it seem so at times. However, the hardships that Parinya has to go through in order to fend for his family and the outcry after his very public sex change are told in a straightforward and honest manner. These scenes are very real and lend the film its stirring air.

This movie is very interesting, not only because of its inspirational tone but also because it's difficult to imagine a boxer of such caliber even attempting to do the same thing here in America.
I would like to see that!

Rating: 3 stars out of 5