DJ/Electronic Music Workshop

Event has passed (Mon Oct 8, 2012 - Thu Apr 17, 2014)
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
$64 - $100
Music, Music Lesson, Music Production


This is an 8-week workshop focusing on the software REASON and ABLETON LIVE. The $64/$80 goes towards 8 weeks of instruction and group play.

The class is 5 days a week for 8 weeks, just choose the date that works best for you. Classes start March 31 and go until May 30.

$64 (ages 18 and under)
$100 (ages 19 and up)

BeatShop is a first-of-its-kind affordable electronic music program for aspiring musicians/DJs in the Boston/San Francisco area who want to explore technology and music through the use of our brand new lab facility and studio.

This is one of the only cheap and affordable electronic/DJ music workshops in San Francisco. Beatshop is sponsored by Propellerheads Software which helps to keep the costs low.

As Berklee College of Music grads, we are basically giving you all of the same information with the same gear and technology that we received as undergrads of the Electronic Production and Design major.

What you can expect to cover in the 8-week session:

- Improvising and recording ideas; building rhythm, bass, harmony and melody tracks

- Programming patterns and relating these to musical bars and beats

- Exploring sounds and textures, using a range of supplied sounds

- Creating form and structure

- "Musical" editing to create contrast and variation

- Creative work with loops

- Using effects for composing and production

- Shaping sound using the controls on realistic synths, samplers and other devices

- An introduction to mixing - balance, EQ, panning

- Automating mixer and device parameters for additional production ideas

- Using technology to develop musical concepts and ideas

- Applying techniques in a creative context through project work

- Compiling a CD portfolio of coursework.

There will also be events, activities, field trips and special guests.

During the final weeks we will design and master our own CDs, create a free Beatshop Mixtape for digital distribution via the web and study different internet marketing techniques.

We are using a variety of keyboards and controllers, including APC 40, MPK Mini, and CDJ's.


  1. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
    2868 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

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