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Beantown Dreams the Impossible Dream

From one week where the Red Sox had the look of a champion to a week when they looked as if they were eternally cursed, indeed, what a difference a week makes.

Something that never has happened is not supposed to happen and when the Red Sox were down three games to none, we all knew, Red Sox & Yankee fans, even us indifferent Left Coasters, we all knew the Yankees were going to win. When Mariano Rivera came in to close out game four everybody knew… Of course, now we know that somebody forgot to fill the Red Sox in on our common knowledge.

If wasn’t like the Yankees just handed them the games. No, Boston fought back in that game four and won in dramatic fashion tying it in the bottom of the ninth and with David Ortiz’ 12th inning walk-off homer. The drama continued in game five with Rivera blowing yet another save and Ortiz coming through once again with a 14th inning bloop single. And then Schilling pitched on a bloody ankle, stomping out any hope of a Yankee win in game six. In an amazingly short amount of time, the Boston Red Sox were in a position to play a game seven.

Still, my mind limited me to the possibilities. More so I thought what an ultimate cruelty, they make it to a game seven only to lose there. But no more were they the team they had once been. They had vanquished whatever Yankee demons had besieged them over the course of those three wins and in an anti-climactic game seven, basically handed the Yankees head back to them shouting with the authority of somebody who has something to crow about, “Who’s your daddy now?”

So, here we are, awaiting a game 7 in the NL to see who these Red Sox will face. The curse is still in place and Boston has to beware, they haven’t won anything yet. Sure they beat the Yankees, but they aren’t world champs. What they have done though is show teams around the world that if you really want it, the impossible can happen. No longer will a team have any right to hang its collective head and wallow in despair. The psychological break has occurred. If the BoSox can do it, why can’t the next team. And the next…

We owe a debt of gratitude to this team. Thank you Beantown for letting us dream with you and giving all of sport a reason to always believe that anything is possible. Now let’s see what you do about curses.