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Beantown and the League Never Wake Up

Now that we've had a chance to look back, it's time to take note of one of the most remarkable turnarounds in recent memory. When you're down to one inning in your season it's easier to graciously admit defeat. When you see Mariano Rivera staring you down, you succumb. So what happened this year was a big surprise.

We saw a true coming together of fans far and wide - even Dodger & Giant could agree for once. And it took a monumental effort to make it happen. Suddenly, this has become one of the most feelgood teams in recent memory. Everybody can cheer this come-back group - they're gritty, quirky,and very lucky. Eigth times out of ten, they lose that game four to the Yankees. But in those rare instances when a team fights its way out of a box, everybody roots for a team like that. They did what's never been done. Against a closer whose legend is great. Against a team whose lineup runs deep.

So now we're in Boston's dream - a dream decades in the making - where fans from the far-flung world cheer the Red Sox and take the day off to nurse hangovers. Bandwagoners jump on to create seas of celebration that would make New Englanders proud. Bars around the US, Down Under, The Far East and EU were packed with fellow dreamers and they still haven't woke up. No really, they're still sleeping. At least that's the case with my neighbor Tom.

Well, nothing lasts forever. You'll eventually wake up and then all we'll get is "damn Red Sox" this, "damn Red Sox" that. What feels so good now with turn to green envy. Manny's head will swell to the size of a watermelon. Pedro locks will grow to mid-back length. Schilling will become as fat as Santa Claus and the Red Sox will be forced to wake up. Until then, I'm kind of liking this surreal state. Time for a nap.