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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

At the young ago of 21 years old, Will Wiesenfield, better known as Baths, sets the soundtrack to afternoons spent staring at the clouds. Since his critically acclaimed debut this past summer on Anticon, the Cerulean EP, he has accelerated into fame with beautiful music videos and his side project Geotic. With lush melodies coupled with hauntingly beautiful choruses, he offers a wide array of original sounds to soothe the soul. Donít miss his set at the first Bay Area Low End Theory at 103 Harriet on January 21st.

SF Station (SFS): Youíre going to be playing Low End Theoryís debut in SF, what are your thoughts about that?

Baths (B): That itís so awesome and very cool. Daddy Kev, whom hosts it, told me he had tried awhile back to get it up to SF, but the venue had to cancel. Now thatís itís finally happening, Iím glad to be a part of it.

SFS: Weíve been waiting awhile! Since you play piano and viola and a bunch of other instruments, which one is the one you look to the most in making music?

B: Definitely piano is where I am most creatively liberated. I was classically trained on piano since I was four, and ideas come much faster to me on it. And when I play it, Iím not as conscious of where my hands are, it just flows.

SFS: Thatís cool. Did you use it the most when making your album?

B: I think so. Recording music for me always depends on the song, I donít think, "oh the album needs more piano." When a song needs it, Iíll use it.

SFS: Why do you spell your single "Aminal" and not "Animal?"

B: Itís an adorable thing where young kids everywhere in an English speaking country will mix it up. I wanted the song to have an adorable childishness.

SFS: My next question was just about the childlike whimsicalityÖ

B: Yes thatís exactly the point of that song. Itís supposed to be childlike and goofy.

SFS: Iíve noticed the titles of your songs seem like bits of poetic conversation. Do you name them during or after you finish the track?

B: Actually it really depends. There are certain songs just based on the title and Iíve formulated lyrics and melodies around it, but sometimes itís happens at the very end of the process.

SFS: I heard you also have an alter ego named Geotic. Why did you decide to separate these two personas?

B: I think the music I cut out under Geotic is much more different. It makes more sense mentally for people that different music will have its own name. If I came out with the newest Geotic album under Baths, it just wouldnít make sense because itís more guitar-y. Itís just different music.

SFS: Where did you come up with Geotic?

B: I canít remember, I think it was a mistake but the name just sort of stuck. I think I was reading a definition of something about Geodic Magic and it had something to do with the earth. Honestly, I canít remember, but I like it.

SFS: Your video for "Lovely Bloodflow" must be getting a lot of attention after it was featured on IFCís Best Videos of 2010.

B: Itís the exact video I wanted for a first video. I couldnít be happier. The guys that made it were amazing!

SFS: Yeah every time you watch it you see something different. Were you part of the process of making it?

B: Yes, I was very much part of the process. I had preliminary meetings with the director. We had a costume designer that worked with the director for the ideas, and the director really wanted my input. It was a very long and involved four-day shoot. I basically acted like the PA the whole time, getting sandwiches, doing favors, holding this, and trying to help. It was worth it in the end. The budget was $1,400 and it was all that we spent, but everyone worked really hard to make it happen.

SFS: Where was it shot?

B: It was up in UC Santa Cruz. Thereís a bunch of beautiful open woods up there.

SFS: Since your debut, all the critics and huge publications are giving you so much great recognition. What are you looking forward to doing this year?

B: This year is a lot of touring, and then Iím starting to record my album come May or June. Itís not going to come out this year, because I donít think the timing is right, but Iíll be working on it. Itíll come out 2012.

SFS: So are you touring anywhere internationally?

B: February Iím doing my first headlining tour with Braids and Sta Slinger. After that, I have some dates with Gobble Gobble leading up to SXSW, and after that, in April and May, Iím touring Europe finally.