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Barbershop 2

Everyone would be happier if Barbershop 2 were renamed Cedric the Entertainer Talks Shit at the Barbershop. He was the draw in the first installment of Barbershop, and nothing has changed in the sequel. The original pleasantly surprised audiences with a lively cast of characters joking irreverently about issues pertinent to inner city urban communities. And though they generally only glossed over the issues, it was refreshing to see humor that dealt with ideas rather than physical pain or bodily functions. Barbershop 2 reuses the same formula, and though the surprise is gone, it maintains all the charm of the original.

In fact, Barbershop 2, in a classic case of addition by subtraction, accomplishes the rare feat of surpassing its predecessor. In the original, altogether too much screen time was devoted to an idiotic subplot involving two petty thieves. Most of the subplots in Barbershop 2 still do not work, but at least the filmmakers had the good sense to make them less intrusive. It frees time for more animated discussions between the barbershop employees.