Barbell Technique Coaching Crash Course

Sat Nov 4
World Gym
09:00 AM
Sports & Recreation
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Barbell training is the foundation for athletic development. Getting stronger and more proficient with barbell lifts help athletes increase their speed, power, and strength while also decreasing their risk of injury. Attaining new PRs under the guidance of a knowledgeable coach will keep an athlete in the game for years.
This is a crash course for trainers to delve into the technical details of the main barbell lifts used in athletic development. The tentative schedule is:
Morning Session (9am to 12pm) - Squats: Back and front squats, high bar vs low bar - Presses: bench press, strict press, push press. Overview of the push jerk.
Afternoon Session (1pm to 4pm) - Deadlifts: Conventional vs sumo - Cleans: power and full cleans, clean and jerk - Touch on snatches and accessories


  1. World Gym
    290 De Haro St, San Francisco, CA