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Band of Horses

A Damn Good Band

After an intimate performance at the Independent to try out songs off Infinite Arms in May, Band of Horses is back this Friday to see how they sound outside at the Greek Theater. Bassist Bill Reynolds, the under-tattooed and slightly-less-hairy cowboy of the bunch, spoke with SF Station in a phone interview from Atlanta.

SF Station (SFS): Are you still rocking that huge cowboy hat?

Bill Reynolds (BR): Thatís a fun one. I got that cowboy hat in Norway, believe it or not. I just enjoy that damn thing.

SFS: Itís a big one. Youíd be hard-pressed to find a hat that size in San Francisco.

BR: No shit, right? Iíd have to go to damn Texas, or maybe I could find one down in North Carolina.

SFS: I was surprised to see you were living in L.A. for a while. What led you out there?

BR: You know, I like L.A. I had no idea that I would like it until I stayed out there, and I had such a damn good time. I stayed out there when we were writing for the record, and I was really inspired all day everyday. The people I was with werenít the shitty ones that people talk about when they say L.A. is a bad scene. It was fun.

SFS: You just wrapped up an arena tour with Pearl Jam, and now youíre hitting some large venues on your own. What lesson did you learn on that tour?

BR: Iíll tell you what I learned; I canít wear cowboy boots and jump around on stage. I might have to get wrestling shoes or something. I always wondered why Van Halen and bands like that had weird shoes. Youíve got to be able to run around, and with cowboy boots you fall down. Itís such a damn big stage. You really have to work the crowd and enjoy yourself.

SFS: Was that hard to get used to after playing smaller venues for so long?

BR: Initially, we thought, ďThis is going to be so fucking hard,Ē but we ended up fitting in like a glove. Some of the slower songs seem to do really well with the big venues. We were really excited about that.

SFS: The album your touring behind, Infinite Arms, was produced by the band and recorded over two years at various locations. Was that a taxing process?

BR: It wasnít necessarily taxing. Itís exciting to go different places, but the real truth is, when youíre in the studio all you see is those four walls. It would be fun to say we went out and did stuff, but unfortunately, we didnít have much time.

SFS: I read something about a possible run in with the law down in Muscle Shoals.

BR: Well, thatís a long story that Iíll have to try to condense. When we were starting to record, the guy who owned the studio, his best friend was a police officer. The whole damn time we were there, we had a police officer sitting with us taking a break. Then the others would take a break and sit in the studio and just stare at us like they never saw a band before. It was quite uncomfortable.

SFS: It sounds like you really had to be careful with what you were doing.

BR: Yeah, thereís definitely a lot of underlining stuff that I could say. For sure, we werenít just smoking cigarettes. Our management was scared shitless.

Band of Horses performs at the Greek Theater on September 24th. Tickets are $35 to $37 and the show starts at 7:30pm.