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Bad Santa

Terry Zwigoff (Crumb, Ghost World) brings us the antithesis of the children's Christmas movie in the form of this Billy Bob vehicle. Basically, Santa's an asshole. He drinks too much, eats sloppily and curses at children of all ages. But as funny as this might sound on paper, it really isn't. Sure, there are some funny parts, most of which involve guys getting hit in the testicles, but for the most part this holiday farce is overacted (Billy Bob is the prime suspect here), poorly written and nonsensical. Bernie Mac turns in the finest comedic performance of the picture, but unfortunately it isn't enough to keep the laughs rolling the entire time. Santa's an alcoholic and he steals from malls using cockamamie plans laid mostly by his sober sidekick, the diminutive Tony Cox (Me, Myself, & Irene). The holiday flick also stars the late John Ritter. Frankly, I'm surprised ABC didn't find a way to cash in on Ritter's death with an "8 Simple Rules - Bad Santa" tie-in.

Bottom line: See it if you have to, but don't bring your kids.