Awakening Presence Massage

543 Castro St, San Francisco, CA
+1 4157132556
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Health & Wellness, Massage Therapist
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Tue - Wed (9am - 8pm)
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Connect with yourself
The body knows how to heal itself but sometimes we get in our own way. So often we think rather than intuit, try rather than trust, push rather than surrender. My bodywork seeks to connect you deeply with yourself, by listening to where you are in the moment. The aim is to cultivate an open channel for communication so that your body's internal healing wisdom flows vibrantly.

Integrated approach
Together we will find creative inroads for unwinding patterns of tension, pain or disconnect. You'll get relief from chronic and acute physical pain resulting from repetitive stress, sports injuries, car accidents, and more. I also hold space for emotional charge to come up and facilitate its release. I work with trauma from abuse, depression, anxiety, or unknown sources.

Dynamic bodywork
Drawing on my training in movement and theater, I use my own body to make sessions dynamic and engaging. I incorporate stretches, joint mobilizations and other techniques that will free you from pain. Rather than being passive, you're actively engaged in the healing process.