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Audion Suckfish

Released in October on Ghostly

Matthew Dear's second album <i>Backstroke</i> carrying his signature stripped techno didn't see mass approval because of its failure to include some more enduring qualities. His search for a sound with deeper intrigue may have come in his newest alter-ego Audion.

The album's title <i>Suckfish</i>, is a straightforward reference to sex, as is each track name. Perhaps there are sexual references also being made by the harder trance sound and occasional lyrical hints but in tracks like "T.B." and "Wield", the album reveals more of a sleepy side than a "lets get dirty" side.

Dear's playful side shows up in "Rubber" -- a song that recreates a picture of muppets in space playing old school Atari games. Tracks like "Kisses", "The Pong" and "Just Fucking" have the highest replay value out of all, showing a confident and mature Dear lifting and dropping each and everyone on the dance floor whenever he feels like it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars