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ArtDontSleep - From L.A. With Love

Released on Milon Records, 6/5/07

Tapping into a range of signals from far out funky electronic folk beats to spacey jazz to indie pop, From L.A. With Love presents a fresh mix of new tunes from SoCal's emerging new music scene.

The cd includes individual works of art created to match each of the 17 songs -- all independent musicians and artists who have previously worked in some shape or form with Andrew Lojero. Under the guise of his production company, ArtDontSleep, the 25-year old Lojero has been putting on after hours parties all over Cali and has amassed a wealth of loyal friends in the Club scene in L.A. as well as here in the Bay Area (see: Shortkut, Apollo, Fran Boogie, dublab and more).

Despite what your preconceived notions of the L.A. "scene" may be, this mix-tape for the masses maintains an unpretentious and inviting format -- it may just change your mind!
One can only hope this is just the beginning.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars