New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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Art Scene

March 11th - 24th

The Commonwealth Club rounds up local art luminaries to talk smart about art. Specifically, they'll hash out what happens when you mix your fine arts with your nightlife. Jennifer Rogers, co-owner of Varnish Fine Art; Laura Janku, editor of Artweek; Gabe Scott, curator for 111 Minna Gallery; and Ariane Maclean, director of Gen Art SF will explore the good and the bad between the two. Are they using each other? Do they see each other as a cheap one-night gimmick? Or do they still respect each other in the morning, feeling revitalized from a night of synergistic mingling? Ali Ghanbarian, Editor of SOMA Magazine will moderate and keep the kids on track. The gab gets going Tuesday, March 15th from 5:30pm-11pm at 111 Minna.

1. John Casey's Unusual Suspects
Cricket Engine Gallery
Fri March 11, 6pm

Oakland artist John Casey delves deep into the demon-ruled zones of his psyche and reports back to us in sculpture and pen-and-ink drawings. Unusual Suspects comprises a host of deformed, sad little creatures. Casey explains that, "They struggle with their ugliness and debilitation but are also somewhat at peace with it…. The result may evoke a burst of laughter or yelp of fright." The show runs for one week only.

2. Second Saturday
Art SF
Sat March 12, 8pm-1am

A gazillion artists will explore the one-word question "Belief?" -- an exhibition of ideas on what they believe and what they worship. Fashion will be flung around by Asha Rani, Regina Marie Vista, Miranda Caroligne and Edgar Furlong. Entertainment of the music and performance variety will be brought to you by Popskull, Chief Enablers, Nullspace, Justin Hager's Poetry Corner and DJ Polywog.

3. Superstitions
Varnish Gallery
Sat March 12, 7-11pm

Six artists escape their day jobs in advertising and editorial to reaffirm their artistic roots.
Not that their paying gigs suck: San Francisco-based Joshua Gorchov's clients include Rolling Stone, The New York Times and Rip Curl Surfboards. He illustrates pictures like Jon Stewart, Kirsten Dunst or the Flaming Lips in a caricatured Picasso-style. Pasadena-based Martha Rich likes to "obsessively paint undergarments, lobsters and Loretta Lynn." Joshua Krause, Chris Buzelli, Mr. Glaubitz and David Groff complete the show in equal talent and weirdness. The exhibit continues through April 8th.

4. Recent Work by Ogi
Receiver Gallery
Fri March 18, 6-10pm

The untitled solo exhibition by this Tokyo-born Oakland based artist delights fans with lush color combinations of character illustration and graphic design. Working in acrylic paint and digital prints, he imports Japanese girls, obscure pop culture references, anime and manga. Giant Robot hosts the after-party at Element Lounge to bid the artist farewell before he returns to Tokyo for a minute.

5. This Is the Picture - A Photographic Opening With Musical Backdrop
Balazo Gallery
Sat March 19, 7-11pm

Photographers Alison Bank, Aaron Beachnau, and Mischief Photo (aka Danielle Barnett)
exhibit their celluloid journeys though people, landscapes, the abstract and breakdancing. The musical portion of the evening is an experimental–electro DJ set by Maxell coupled with a downtempo live laptop set by Dr. Toast.

6. A Celebration of Lust Through the Ages
Benders Bar and Grill
Sun March 20th, 8pm-Midnight

Miss Cherry Jubilie's Cabaret Show features Kitten on the Keys, Doctor Popular, Lily Le Rouge, Kelitta of the Hot Pink Feathers, LuvBomb, Roky Roulette, and of course, Miss Cherry Jubilie herself. If these lusty burlesque girls, fire dancers, sultry singers and pogo stripper don't get your heart racing, you may very well be a eunuch and not know it. This is your chance to find out.