Halloween San Francisco Events
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Art Scene

Feb 25th - March 10th

Due to lease problems, the Punch Gallery will be closing its doors at the end of the month. They arrived almost exactly three years ago on a mission to promote urban art. By any measure -- dance, visual art, music or installation -- they have maintained a consistent presence within the city's different artistic street cultures. They go out in true form by featuring New York's composer-violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain: a man known to use his violin as an ambassador of hip-hop to classical music circles. Friday Feb 25th will be their final farewell which will also include live hip-hop, funk and reggae by Most Chill Slackmob, Felonious, Psychokinetics, Oposit and Charles Cooper from The Greans crew.

Jets Warm the Come Here: Installation, Sculpture, and Drawings by Ian McDonald
Adobe Books (front window, main store space, and the Backroom Gallery)
Fri Feb 25 7-10pm

Brian Eno fans will recognize one of his song titles reversed in the name of this exhibit. It aptly introduces a collection of McDonald's recent works through which he subverts the functional imperatives of industrial design. McDonald imagines himself crumpling and deflating the hot air from this oft times pompous discipline. The concept for the exhibit is that it takes the form of the turbulence patterns emitted by his gleeful crushing. As a matter of fact, he promises that attentive attendees of opening night will witness that, "warm jets quietly emerge from some of the work." Bob Callaway acts as guest curator. The show continues through April 1st.

Ghetto Metro & American Wildlife
The Lola Gallery
Sat Feb 26, 4-8pm

Sirron Norris is recognized as one of San Francisco's top muralists. His work adorns Balmy Alley, Clarion Alley, and Bryant and 20th Street in the Mission. Working in an art form he baptized Cartoon Literalism, he "portrays cartoon iconic references in everyday literal situations." With a distinct illustrator's quality, he combines mural paintings with sculpture and conceptual diorama. If nothing else, Norris' Ghetto Metro will expand your art vocabulary. Merikay MacKenna will be showing her signature synthetic animal head sculptures, American Wildlife, in tandem with Ghetto Metro. The show continues through April 9th.

Phenom's A Hellion's Art Show
Sat Feb 26, 5-11pm

Eirik claims the Revenants venue brings out the noir in the show's already dark nature. What's even clearer is that this symbiotic relationship delivers us a gorgeously wicked and somber show. While the overall aesthetic reaches well beyond the confines of Gothic, it doesn't stray too many degrees in any direction from fetishizing all things dark. The curator prefers the term pan-nefarious, " or better yet pan-fantastical." The show comprises the works of Ashes Monroe, Bella Muerte, Blue, Brad Isdrab, EIRIK, Myssi Christensen, Pasha, Jason Fitz, Tiffany Star, and Tyson. Opening night ceremonies will be accompanied by the musical selections of DJ Paradox of ATF (Necropolis, Derelict, Darkest Hour, Occam's Razor) and guest.

New Beginnings - Sculptures by Wendi Spiers
Sat Feb 26, 7-10pm

Wanna know what anthropomorphic ceramic sculptures are? Recall, if you will, the battle scene from the Chronicles of Narnia where Aslan and his army of combination creatures get frozen into stone. If you can't, pieces donning names like Horse Woman, Deer Man, Jay Bird and the Phoenix will jog your memory. Wanna know what they were inspired by? "The realization that nature, once our all knowing and powerful parent, is now ailing brings a new weight to our shoulders. And like children who sense for the first time that they have the power to injure their parents, we feel a caution and insecurity we have never fully known." This ain't no disco, kids.

Cargo: Inimitable Print Works by Mike Kimball
Hotel Biron
Thu March 3rd, 7pm

Following up on the series' last installment -- Sweet Memories of a Murderer --
Hotel Biron and Racketeer Design Co. bring another solo show to the hallowed halls of the Hotel. In this instance, modern design is brought out to play. Mike Kimball exhibits a collection of print works that view like Sunday morning: nice and easy. The show continues through March 31st.

FreekMagnet: Photos by Jeremy Kirsch
Auto 3321
Fri March 4th, 7pm

If Fellini had been a black and white photographer, he would be Jeremy Kirsch. Kirsch fell in love with staging tableaux upon first sight of Lewis Carrol's "Saint George and the Dragon." Since that day, he has specialized in the Victorian-era art of elaborately reenacting scenes from literature and history for the camera. Musical guests The Mall and Archaeopteryx kick things off at 9pm