Halloween San Francisco Events
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Art Scene

Feb 11th to Feb 24th

February hurts. A grayish, coldish wetness stretches interminably ahead, the groundhog saw its shadow and Valentine's is on a Monday. The next two weeks reign in a carnival of creep, cynicism and cheap thrills that could make the sassiest Tenderloin tranny cringe: a new little black dress made of trash bags; humans living in cages for a week (protests are already in the planning); and Ronald McDonald holding two topless girls by a fistful of their hair. So don't get fruity on the 14th -- like my duplicitous friend Claudia likes to say: celebrate V.D. and spread the love.

Human Zoo
Lower Bottom Gallery
Feb 12th at 8pm
$4-10 sliding scale

This show is set to hit freak factor fifteen. Curator Caleb Rogers is caging six people for seven days. Along with a sleeping bag and pillow, they are allowed only two items of their choosing. While they will be let out to use the bathroom, a zookeeper will be in charge of feeding them and bringing them water. The show will also explore the theme of freedom in an exhibit of paintings, murals and sculptures. What's more, the folks behind bars will post daily surveys of their experience and changing understanding of freedom. People enter the cages on the 10th; opening night is two days later. If this scenario wasn't surreal enough, the following bands will be rocking out: Citizens Here and Abroad, Ned, Outline Kit, and Militant Children's Hour.

Albert Reyes: Free the Slaves
The Low Gallery
Feb 12th 6-10pm

Mr. Reyes rolls the 'R's hard in creep. Imagine a whole collection inspired by the afternoon Pee-Wee Herman was busted jacking off in a porn theatre. Gore, tits and white ponies abound. His iconoclastic sketches and paintings depict an imaginary underworld where Flavor Flav, Andy Warhol and Superheroes kick around the urban decay. The show runs through March 13th.

Code Red
111 Minna
Feb 12 9pm-2am
$8 before 11, $10 after

Roxy Saint and Jennifer Caravella have collaged a 15-piece digital and tactile art series that could be the dailies from a soft porn set in a radioactive industrial dystopia. And that's not the piece-de-resistance. Roxy Saint will be shimmying her new couture line down the runway in what she calls a "Post-Apocalyptic Trash Bag Fashion Show." Take it literally -- Saint painted brightly colored faces onto Hefty bags and strapped them onto everyone's favorite daddy-issues-divas, The Suicide Girls. DJ GRAVY TRAIN (soon to tour with Le Tigre) supplies the electro-sleaze soundtrack; iCircle1 performs live.

Time to Play B-Sides
New Works by Thom Lessner
Juice Design
Feb 17th 6-10pm

Color sketches of when the '80s rocked dominate Lessner's work. (Sometimes) Fictional ensembles of early-MTV royalty are lovingly drawn and painted -- especially the era's heavy metal princes. It's hard not to see Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge's style all over Lessner's work but it's doubtful the artist would take offense. Selling his art in the $10--$20 range, Lessner dodges accusations of pretense.

Lowered Hi-Ball
Pawnbrokers Gallery
Feb 18th 7-11pm

If you saw last year's ensemble of artful skaters, Upper Lip, you'll be psyched to see a few names returning: Isaac McKay-Randozzi, Chris Pastras and Patrick Jilbert. Carina DeMarcellis, Porous Walker, Matt Irving, Brian Barneclo and Sacha Eckes are also on this year's roundup of beautiful losers. The show stays the same by bringing the same unpredictable eclecticness: Isaac rocks an old camera that shoots photos half-frame 2 per 35mm frame; fans of Templeton and Neckface will (for different reasons) find their joy in Patrick's pop-culture illustrations.

San Francisco Is Weird Show
Studio Z
Feb 23rd 9pm-2am

Passenger spearheads this group show "to make your eyes think sex done happened to them."
Soft colors and gently curving lines depict graffiti/skate-style images of fetuses, swans and monks -- none of whom are sporting anything in their eye sockets. The Help-Ruin Crew and a few others TBA will join the visual gang-bang; musical amigos DJ Egadz, Cricket Engine and other electronica acts will inspire you to boogie 'n' booze.