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Jan 14th 27th

On Friday, January 21st, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts throws open the doors of the Grand Lobby and Galleries to celebrate the opening of three new visual arts exhibits. From 8-11pm, there will be a cash bar with live vaudevillian performances, DJs and continuous showings of old magic films. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. The new exhibits continue through April 3rd and are as follows:

Big Deal and Blow Up

This group exhibit highlights four artists whose work comes in one size only: XXXL. While the works of Chris Taggart, Sheri Simons and Jim Denevan have their super-size in common, their sculptures run the gamut from taxidermied squirrels to panoramic photos of local beaches and abstract sand drawings. Scott Snibble's "Blow Up" is an interactive installation amplifying human breath into a wind tunnel filling the entire gallery.

Leon Borensztein and His Friends: A Look at Creative Growth Artists and Their Work

The Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland is the country's oldest and largest nonprofit organization providing innovative art programs for adults with disabilities. Works by some of the center's clients -- some of who have pieces in public collections nationwide -- are on display, along with the portraits they inspired in Borensztein series "dis-Abled Artists".

Extraordinary Exhibitions: Broadsides from the Ricky James Collection

Ricky James spotlights the verbal gymnastics of playbills from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries advertising the fantastical likes of a bullet catcher, a flea circus, a singing mouse, a cannonball juggler, a mermaid and an African hermaphrodite.


Illustrator Laurenn McCubbin presents six new works along with selections from her Pinhead series and Rent Girl, the critically acclaimed book by Michelle Tea. McCubbin, who is also the creative director of Kitchen Sink Magazine, uses a gestural comic-book style to "mess with what is boy or what is girl." Tea will open the exhibit at Varnish with a spoken word piece Friday, January 14th (7-11pm). The show runs through January 29.

Happy: ArtSF's 4-yr Anniversary Party

Four years ago, a group of evicted artists and activists started a legacy of throwing events as a way of eventually buying an art center. On January 22nd, they celebrate this milestone with the extreme fashion show "I Feel Pretty". Models will don local designerware to the tunes of The Lincolns, The Clones, and DJs Polywog, RS2 and CubaRoks. Alternately, eyes will be pleasured by video projections and the work of over 100 local artists. And yes, there will be belly dancers. A $5-10 donation gets you into the 7pm-1am art-party.

The Tree Show

Giant Robot SF wants to save the term "friends of the urban forest" from being one big "hippie love fest" by populating it with producers and patrons of "stimulating art". Over 20 artists have rallied to the cause. Saturday, January 15th from 6:30-10pm, they unveil the paintings, the illustrations, the sculptures and the video installation. The exhibit runs through March 14th.