Event has passed (Thu Aug 7, 2008 - Thu Aug 7, 2008)
Ruby Skye
9pm- 2am
$20 - $50
Dance, Bars, Media, Music, Jazz Dance, Lounge, Magazine, R&B/Soul


Remember when going to the record store to buy your favorite artist’s new album was the highlight of your month? Remember playing an album so much you had to go out and buy a new one, because the old one was worn out? Or maybe you were one of those people who made up mysterious reasons for why you couldn’t let your best bud borrow that new album you just spent a day’s worth of minimum wage pay on. Well, we want you all — now you can reignite those memorable days when music was really cool and inspiring, at the Official Arigo Recordings Red Carpet Launch Party, featured at Ruby Skye. This special event will be fun, funky, and you won’t have to give up any of your albums (you may however have to re-alphabetize your album collection because we guarantee you’ll be adding to it by the end of the night). The Sin City themed extravaganza features a sexy all female ballet/hip-hop dance troupe, as well as live characters from the movie. Along with the creative and innovative hip-hop flow from one of the many stars of the motion picture film ‘Belly,’ Detroit Diamond, the synchronized video and music mash-ups of DJ/VJ extraordinaire Jim Hopkins, and the incredible vocal acrobatic ORIGINAL SOUL SINGER herself, Simone Taylor — you won’t want to be the only one in your clique who wasn’t there to witness it all! Oh, and did we happen to mention the celebrities who are coming from all areas of the entertainment community just to be a part of this exciting event— you won't be disappointed. Don’t forget to bring your cameras, and arrive early to see the stars walk the RED CARPET! Thursday, August 7th, Ruby Skye at 9pm. General Admission is $20. Tickets on sale now exclusively at (keyword: ARIGO) or visit for more information about the party.


  1. Ruby Skye
    420 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA