Ardent feat. Pam the Funkstress, Goddess Alchemy & DJ Sep

Event has passed (Sat Nov 10, 2007 - Sat Nov 10, 2007)
The Great Northern
Doors @ 10:00 PM
Music, DJ Outlet, Funk


The ladies of the Fringe Arts Collective have spent the past 3 years “bringing culture to the counterculture” through dance, and fine art. On November 10, ladies curate the stage and the decks as well, celebrating the eclectic and the electric passionate expression of women. The front room will feature hip hop and world soul with the Coup’s resident beatslinger Pam the Funkstress and live hip hop ensemble Goddess Alchemy Project, Dub Mission diva DJ Sep and Glitchmob maven Ana Sia The lounge features banging electronic breaks and house with 4 queens of the SF underground: J9, Shooey, Tamo and Melyss.

As one of the true female dj pioneers, the hip hop community has embraced Pam the Funkstress for more than a decade as a club dj, and a performing artist. Known for cuttin the wax with more than just her hands, she has been asked to grace the opening stage for the elite in rap music from KRS 1 to DJ Kool to Grandmaster Flash. After stints with rap groups Female Funk, and the Funklab Allstars,(where she earned the name “The Funkstress”) she emerged with Oakland’s seminal political rap group the Coup on their debut album “Kill my Landlord” in 1993. Since then, she has backed one of this crucial hip hop on albums like “Genocide”, “Juice”, “Steal this Album” and the controversial masterpiece “Party Music”. Known as “the Party Slapper” for her ability to shock any crowd into a state of collective frenzy, Pam is among the most skilled and tasteful club Djs in the United States.

Bringing forth a timeless science through a live, lyrical experience of “more than one sista on the mic at a time”… this crew gives voice to the potent medicine of Goddess Alchemy rising. In collaboration with many artists and producers, Goddess Alchemy’s sound alchemizes a fresh, feminine flavor by integrating elements of underground hip hop, world accents, spoken word flows, and soulful melodics. Combine this with ancient texts, quantum physics, ancestral roots, multi-dimensional symbology, and an all-female cipher… the result to this equation is a new, musical science they call “Open Source Soul Floetics”.

For more than 10 years DJ Sep has educated and elevated Bay Area music fans with her long-running Elbo Room Sunday night throwdown Dub Mission and her KPFA radio show “Off the Beaten Path”. The mistress of a thousand genres, Sep is best known for weaving a coherent flow from the threads of them all. Ana Sia is a relatively new name on the Bay Area scene, but the Glitch Mob’s resident diva has been drawing raves for her seamless blend of electronic beats and hip hop tempo and themes. Though known as the “Angels of Bass” Tamo and J9 deal in electronic devilry with bags full of breakbeats and dirty house. With a background in instrumental music, Melyss chooses to drop electronic beats for the SisterSF and Opulent Temple crews. Among the most ebullient, infectious and joyous Djs in San Francisco, Shooey is known for jubilant house and dirty electro, which she unveils with the Indeep crew. For 3 years, the Fringe Arts Collective has striven to bring “culture to the counterculture” and the ladies of that crew have doen more than their part, producing over 50 original pieces of fine art, developed live at the collective’s events. Join them on November 10 as they create yet a few more.


  1. The Great Northern
    119 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA