Help customers find you on SF Station
Add your business to SF Station or claim your business listing to get more promotion. Make sure the information displayed is fresh and accurate. Select and target the categories where your business listing will appear. It takes only a few minutes.

* Create a business listing
SF Station offers a free, basic listing for all businesses. You can take control of your web presence on SF Station so that people will know about your company or organization with your message. To begin, create an account and then do a quick search to see if your business already exists in the business directory. If SF Station doesn't have your business, create your free business listing.

* Upgrading your business listing
If your business is already listed, go to that page and click "Claim your listing" on the page.

If your business isn't listed, please go through the add business form and select the payment option you'd like for your enhanced business listing.

The benefits of enhancing a business listing include:

More visibility - Your business page will appear at the top of the directory categories you select.
More direct control of your message - Make edits to your page when you want or need to.
No ads - All ads will be completely removed from your business page.

* Editing your business listing
If your free business listing is on SF Station and you'd like to update it, please go to the page, click the "Pencil" above the description. If there's no description, the pencil will not be there. In that case, just send us an e-mail and we'll make the correction or update.