Apotheca Skin Body Wellness

582 Market Street, Suite 215, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.573.9077
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Health & Wellness, Massage Therapist, Beauty, Day Spa
Sun - Sat (10am - 7pm)


Apotheca Skin Body Wellness is a unique holistic skincare and massage therapy practice in downtown San Francisco. We provide a carefully-selected menu of one-on-one treatments and services crafted to treat the whole person, and we offer a friendly, unpretentious and no-stress environment where clients can feel comfortable and be themselves.

Spas are swell, but we are not a spa. We don't offer fluffy robes and we don't expect you to settle for fluffy services!

If you're looking for truly customized holistic skin therapy and top-notch massage by highly-trained, enthusiastic, and down-to-earth therapists who will remember your name and who will listen when you tell us what your goals and needs are, we think you'll love us to pieces. We look forward to working with you and helping you relax, unwind, and get your glow on.