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Apollo Sunshine - Shall Noise Upon

Released on Black & Greene Records on 9/2/08

Apollo Sunshine has garnered a cult following for their neo-psychedelic-jazz-rock. Perhaps the reason they have such a devoted fanbase is due to the fact that it’s almost impossible to neatly label them with any one genre. Once you think you have them figured out, they’re already well into new territory.

At least this is what’s true for the band’s third album, Shall Noise Upon, where Jesse Gallagher (vocalist/keyboardist/bassist), Sam Cohen (guitarist/vocalist) and Jeremy Black (drummer) expertly combine different genres from the hippie-folk opener “Breeze" and the alt-rock “666: The Coming of the New World Government” to the Pink Floyd influenced space rock epic “We Are Born When We Die” to make one crazy, schizophrenic album. The band never seems content to stay in one place, floating from song to song and from sound to sound, continuously exercising their willingness and, apparently, need to experiment to the fullest.

Unfortunately, this genre-hopping is the band’s unfolding and the album ultimately feels disconnected and unfocused. Clocking in at less than 40-minutes with 16 tracks, the band seems stuck in a perpetual state of limbo never fully able to realize what kind of an album they want to make. While Shall Noise Upon still has its moments of brilliance and undeniable talent, taken as a whole it feels like a long experimental jam lacking any real depth, center or focus.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars