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A Gorgeous Retrospective at the de Young
By Annie Wyman (May 27, 2015)
Gilbert & George are two people -- and one artist. Since they met at St. Martin’s School of Art in England in 1967, they’ve rarely produced work as individuals. In fact, they almost never appear alone, choosing instead to present themselves as a single “living sculpture.” In their signature business suits -- celebrating the opening of their exhibition at the de Young on Valentine’s Day, these suits were khaki, shot through with tasteful blue and green threading -- they’ve made a name for themselves as a pair of polite, provocative eccentrics. More »
Celebrating Arts in SF
By Annie Wyman (Feb 07, 2010)
For the next two months, the San Francisco Arts Commission will celebrate its 40th anniversary with two simultaneous exhibitions. More »
A New Place for Artists -- in the Mail
By Annie Wyman (Aug 21, 2007)
At the Southern Exposure release party last month, visitors and friends sipped Heinekens and plastic cups of wine to celebrate the first issue of [b]Thing Quarterly[/b]. But they had come not just for the festivities -- most were lending a hand, assembly-line-style, with the periodical itself. More »
Annie Wyman's Articles
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