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Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow

Everlasting Sweet Tooth

She likes candy, a lot. In fact, ever since she belted out the lyrics to the time-tested hit ďI Want CandyĒ at the tender age of 16, Annabella Lwin has spread her love for sweets around the world. She returns to San Francisco on October 28th for a performance with Bow Wow Wow, the band created by Malcolm McLaren (when Lwin was 14 years old) in 1980 after the demise of his other group the, The Sex Pistols. Lwin spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from Los Angeles.

SF Station (SFS): If you were a piece of candy, what kind of candy would you be?

Annabella Lwin: Iíd be one of those candy sticks, with red and white stripes, just like the ďI Want CandyĒ video.

SFS: Why?

Lwin: I like the colors and that has always been my impression of candy. Itís very Christmas-y and very sweet looking. Plus, itís very practical, like a walking stick.

SFS: Your music is in Sophia Coppolaís new movie Marie Antoinette. Did you ever think that your songs would serve as the soundtrack for a French queen that was beheaded in the 1700s?

Lwin: No. But, I did think my music would see the light of day at some point. Itís always nice to have your work played so other people can hear it. Other than the radio and the Internet, film is a really good medium.

SFS: Have you seen the film?

Lwin: Iíve seen it twice.

SFS: It was that good?

Lwin: Yep. The first time I thought my vocals sucked, and I told them that. They were used in a scene where Kirsten Dunst sings a song onstage and the mix wasnít that good because they had all the music out and just the vocals. I was obviously 14 years old and couldnít really sing very well at the time. The second time around, it was a lot better placed in the movie. It was very appropriate for where it was placed.

SFS: You said your vocals didnít sound good?

Lwin: No, I said I thought my vocals sucked. That is what I thought. I was cringing at the first showing and getting lower and lower in my seat every time a song came on.

SFS: Do you think your vocals are better now?

Lwin: God, yeah. Iíve had 21 years to improve as a vocalist, so I should think so. Otherwise, Iím in trouble.

SFS: I heard you wake up at 7am everyday. Is that true?

Lwin: Well, funnily enough, my life was kind of topsy-turvy at one point. But, I live by the beach now and itís a completely different way of life now. I like to get up in the morning and do my prayers -- because I am a Buddhist -- and do my meditations. After that I go about the business of creating.

SFS: What do you create?

Lwin: I write new songs. Iím actually in the midst of working on some songs for a solo album and Iím going to do a movie. Itís very funny -- a comedy.

SFS: Youíre a comedian, too?

Lwin: I wouldnít call myself a comedian, but I love to laugh and I like people who make me laugh. I like to have fun because that is what life is all about.

Bow Wow Wow plays with Devo, Flock of Seagulls, Animotion and When in Rome at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Oct. 28. Tickets are $45 and $65 and the concert starts at 7 pm.