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Sensation Without Substance
By Ann Taylor (Feb 30, 2016)
Unfortunately, as evidenced in "Dancing with the Stars", sensationalism has overtaken ballroom dancing. [b]Burn the Floor[/b] is a dance phenomenon akin to "Dancing With the Stars" that provides a sensational, sensuous spectacle for audiences, but lacks the graceful style and elegance of the Fred-and-Ginger days More »
A Refreshing Perspective
By Ann Taylor (Jan 10, 2016)
At the mention of the word ďsamurai", the mind immediately fills with romantic images of a warrior willing to die rather than betray his honor, of men bravely riding into battle on horseback, swiftly cutting down all before them, and perhaps even of secret trysts with exotic princesses under softly falling cherry blossoms. Most of us have likely gleaned what little knowledge we have of the samurai from popular culture -- [b]The Last Samurai[/b], [b]The Seven Samurai[/b], "Heroes", and various other portrayals of this mysterious brotherhood of warriors. More »
Fisher Collection at SFMOMA
By Ann Taylor (Jan 05, 2016)
[b]Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection[/b] gives viewers a small taste of the Fisher's generous bounty at SFMOMA. More »
A Challenge to Cheesecake
By Ann Taylor (Jul 06, 2015)
[b]The Bodies Are Back[/b] is shocking, challenging, confusing, compelling, and more. More »
A Brave Attempt, But Not Quite There
By Ann Taylor (May 29, 2015)
Honor. Glory. Bloodshed. These are the words that come to mind at the mention of Homerís [i]Iliad[/i], the famous epic poem about the wrath of Achilles during the last year of the Trojan War. While the poem itself is rather long and tedious in places, the tensions between the characters as well as Homerís descriptions of the battles would seem rich fodder for a theatrical production. Yet, American Conservatory Theatreís production of "War Music", a stage adaption of Christopher Logueís book by the same name, provides none of the spectacle, excitement, and tension one might expect from a modern remake of Homerís classic tale of war. More »
From Musee DíOrsay to de Young
By Ann Taylor (May 27, 2015)
You donít have to travel all the way to Paris to see genuine Impressionist art. A selection of Impressionist works from Paris is now at the de Young. More »
Outstanding Art of the Afterlife
By Ann Taylor (May 27, 2015)
The treasures of ancient Egypt have fascinated the modern imagination ever since the rash of excavations in the 19th century. A rich culture that lasted for thousands of years, the kingdom of ancient Egypt pre-dated the Greeks and lasted about three times as long as the Roman Empire. However, over the course of the past five thousand years, many of the treasures of Egypt have been looted and stolen, scattered all over the world in private collections and public museums. More »
The True King of Pop
By Ann Taylor (May 27, 2015)
Campbellís soup cans and Brillo boxes are perhaps the most common images associated with Andy Warhol, along with his four-panel, boldly colored portraits of the stars. However, his fascination with (and substantial creation of) popular culture led his artistic experimentation into numerous other realms, including music, film, TV, and the printed word. [i]Warhol Live[/i], at the De Young until May 17th, is a sprawling exhibition of Warholís forays into these pockets of pop culture, exposing the true extent of his fascination and involvement with all manner of media. More »
Splendor and Spectacle
By Ann Taylor (May 27, 2015)
Yves Saint Laurent is perhaps one of the most famous names in fashion, and this exhibition shows us exactly why. From clean, elegant lines to outrageous color combinations and materials, Yves Saint Laurentís designs present a fantastic palette of fashion, its evolution as well as aberrations. The exhibition is a retrospective of Laurentís work since the 1960s, covering not only a broad time period, but also a huge number of styles, materials, themes, influences, and interests. More »
A World Saturated in Color
By Ann Taylor (May 27, 2015)
[b]To Dye For[/b] presents over 50 objects from the museumís collections that represent six different dying techniques. More »
Ann Taylor's Articles
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