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An Interview with TV On The Radio's guitarist Kyp Malone

What Happens Now?

TV On The Radio will be performing with The Faint on Tuesday, November 9th at The Grand at the Regency Center and Wednesday, November 10th at Bimbo's 365 Club

-TV On The Radio's guitarist Kyp Malone talks with SF Station the day after the presidential elections.

The night before our divided country was revealed on perfect little maps all over the TV and web. The whole world was watching to see which we prefer, as Kyp puts it, "a band-aid or a bullet hole".

SF Station: So it looks like MTV2 put out a disc of Shortlist Nominees.

Kyp Malone: Yeah.

SFS: Are you excited about being on a label with those other artists?

KM: It's kind of hard to be excited today honestly. I…feel like any concern, real warranted concern or particular achievement concerns are simply dwarfed by the fact that the Republicans control the country for the next four years. It's really hard to think about anything else today.

SFS: So you're not looking forward to the next fours years then?

KM: No, not in the least.

SFS: Do you have anything to say to the evangelical voters out there?

KM: No, you can't reason with blind faith, so there's nothing really to say. It's absurd to me that anyone would talk about values in this country . . . how could someone stand in front of a camera in front of a country and talk about Christian values being a governor from Texas who started a war based on lies? I believe he's hurt more Iraqi's than we will ever know…I seriously think we will never know the number of Iraqi lives…How can he say that he represents my values, that's not Christian ethics, that's not a Christian way. I mean I'm not Christian but I know that. Anyway, I guess that's not really what this is all about today.

SFS: No, actually I see where you're coming from and I definitely think that it is important. I don't think you're wrong in talking about it at all. I think it's something that Bush grew up with (his father doing and saying that these things that he's doing right now are okay). That's one of the reasons why he thinks the things he's doing right now are okay, because he's just a kid and he's being told that these things are right. I think he grew up in that world -- a world that we don't live in.

As Kyp Malone headed Northwest he talked more about how he views TV on the Radio as two entities; one live sound, and one studio sound. He thinks the sound of live is more dynamic and more fun. All the more reason to come to one of the two shows coming up in San Francisco this week. TV On The Radio's Kyp Malone and the rest of the band will be opening for The Faint. Kyp also added, "I'm happy to be on the West coast right now, I'm looking forward to coming to San Francisco."