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Decadence for Body and Soul
By Amy Sherman (Aug 26, 2015)
We know that for some, New Years' resolutions are still in effect. But Valentine's Day means sweet treats no matter what diet you might be on. This year if you or your beloved intend to "stick with the program" you can still indulge in something sweet that is entirely fat, sugar, and calorie free. Here are some of our favorite goodies to tantalize your body and soothe your soul. More »
Pacific Heights Posh
By Amy Sherman (May 22, 2013)
Nestled in a residential section of Pacific Heights, just two blocks from Lafayette Park, Quince is one of the more upscale restaurants in town. The cuisine focuses on organic, local and seasonal ingredients and is mostly Italian. It's been a challenge to get a table since it opened two years ago, and you'll still wait several weeks before getting a spot between 7 and 8, regardless the night of the week. More »
Shanghainese Sensations
By Amy Sherman (May 13, 2006)
Restaurants in Shanghai serve food from different parts of China including seafood from coastal regions such as Jiangsu, Zhejian and spicy dishes from Hunan. Shanghai cooking is said to require the most skill and diners eat many small courses of refined dishes in one sitting. Often one ingredient plays the starring role in balanced, clean tasting dishes, as opposed to the one-pot style stir-fry served with a sauce over rice. Knowing all of this will help you to appreciate your Shanghai-style meal at Jai Yun, because eating at Jai Yun is an adventure. More »
We've Got Gifts
By Amy Sherman (Apr 05, 2006)
This year instead of the flowers and brunch routine, or in addition to it, how about a present mom will brag about all year long? Reaffirm that you are the number one son or daughter with a gift that shows how well you know her style. We've chosen some great gifts from all over town to show our appreciation for every kind of mother. Call it the mother of all gift guides. More »
Seasonal Cooking
By Amy Sherman (Feb 14, 2006)
What have you been finding at the Farmer's Market lately? Asparagus and leeks? That's because we're in between Winter and Spring. Here are a couple of recipes to help you through the transition. More »
Delectable Downtown Dining
By Amy Sherman (Aug 23, 2005)
It's hard to dine at Masa's without having high expectations. Masa's has been one of the top restaurants in San Francisco almost since it opened. The latest in a series of head chefs since Masa Kobayashi himself, Gregory Short, sous chef at French Laundry for several years, has stepped in as of 2005. Like Thomas Keller, Short shares a sense of whimsy and great respect for quality, seasonal ingredients. More »
The Art of Beauty
By Amy Sherman (Jun 08, 2005)
Welcome to the world of beautiful makeup and beautiful skin at Shu Uemura. Now located on Fillmore Street, the second American retail store named after famed Japanese makeup artist Shu Uemura opened this May. Never heard of Shu Uemura? Like Max Factor before him, Uemura got his start in cosmetics in Hollywood for the entertainment industry before moving on to beautify the cognoscenti. More »
A Real Casanova In The Kitchen
By Amy Sherman (Feb 11, 2005)
While North Beach may still have its charm, it hasn't had a reputation for the best restaurants in the City in a while. With a few exceptions, the established Italian restaurants of North Beach have rested on their laurels for far too long. Buca Giovanni is not a new restaurant but a new chef-owner, Vic Casanova, took over last year and the effort of both kitchen and wait staff is obvious. More »
Fresh for Valentine's Day
By Amy Sherman (Jan 11, 2005)
Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate. The Bay Area's love affair with chocolate dates back to the gold rush era, long before the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars made their debut. In fact, Ghirardelli began making chocolate at its landmark waterfront factory in 1852. But today we have many more decadent choices for indulging our sweethearts and our sweet tooth. More »
Welcome to the Autovat
By Amy Sherman (Oct 26, 2004)
What would happen if you crossed a wine bar with a vending machine? You can find the answer at VinoVenue, a new concept in wine shops right around the block from SFMOMA at the corner of Mission and Third streets. More »
Amy Sherman's Articles
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