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The Sheer Force of Language
By Amy Gelbach (Jul 06, 2015)
Chicken Little, that famous Bulrovian fairy-tale bird, knew what she was talking about when she ran around telling everyone that the sky was falling. When things fall from the sky it usually means something big is going on… More »
Grand Opening
By Amy Gelbach (May 27, 2015)
When it started taking shape in Golden Gate Park much debate surrounded the appearance of the new De Young museum's exterior. Some loved it and some loathed it. Whatever your opinion of its giant copper façade, the building is one that does not take full shape until it is entered and explored. More »
San Francisco artists findinspiration during wartime
By Amy Gelbach (Aug 01, 2006)
As the epicenter of homeland dissent, and one of the most rapidly reactive art scenes in the states, it is no surprise that San Francisco has been host to several highly politicized art events of late. The large number of shows devoted to the "war cause" is impressive. However, it is more than just the breadth of exhibits that is capturing the public's attention. The quality and depth of thought displayed by so many of the artists is what is really setting the Bay Area art scene apart right now. .. More »
Dirty Work at Ego Park
By Amy Gelbach (Feb 02, 2003)
As a venue whose mission statement is currently the Gettysburg Address (I had to take their word on it, as the website is under construction until late spring), Ego Park seems to be a different sort of arts space from the very get go. Even the name is different, described by founder Kevin Slagle, a creative writing student turned sculptor and painter, as a happy accident that stuck, it describes Slagle's somewhat ironic philosophical take on showing art. Specifically, that a gallery is a place for artists to take their egos for a walk - a dog-park for the ego. More »
At the Musée Mécanique
By Amy Gelbach (Feb 02, 2003)
Musée Mécanique reopened December 20, just in time for tourists lugging soggy presents to duck in out of the downpours and have a little fun. Having relocated from its previous home at the Cliff House, overlooking Ocean Beach, the Musée Mécanique is now a part of Fisherman's Wharf, one component of what is referred to as the 'Pier 45 Walk', which also includes World World II vessels the USS Pampanito, and the Jeremiah O’Brian. More »
When the Bitter End Meets the Rainbow Swallow
By Amy Gelbach (Feb 02, 2002)
We've all heard it a million times in the last year, so much that it has all but negated itself through repetition... it is a new era in the modern world. Reactions to this new era vary, as do opinions over whether there is anything very different in this new reality. The only thing that seems constant is the emotionality inherent in people's response to the perceived change in the world order. We need places to go to consider these emotions, to say them aloud and see and hear others say them aloud. And we need to be thankful when we find these places. More »
The Secret Life of Storage
By Amy Gelbach (Feb 02, 2002)
Bags, the current exhibition from the folks at New Langton Arts, has brought Soma an experience somewhere between a puppet show and the wonderment of a child's first trip to the airport baggage claim - overwhelming, yet intriguing. Bursting with flights of fancy, Bags transforms Langton's gallery into a living, breathing creature full of component parts, referred to by James Bewley, the show's curator, as "bag-based life forms." More »
Substance of Choice at Galeria de la Raza
By Amy Gelbach (Feb 02, 2002)
How do you take it? What's your pleasure? Pick your poison. I like coffee and cigarettes. Ask an artist and they may tell you they're partial to paint or plaster. We all fancy something, desire some substance that we just can't do without. Galeria de la Raza's current exhibition, Substance of Choice is an eighteen-artist meditation on this material world and the choices we all make in relation to it. These are choices that often render us or others helpless, either through addiction, or through enslavement to others' addictions, a Third World apart. More »
Robert Rauschenberg from the collection of Terry Van Brunt
By Amy Gelbach (Feb 02, 2002)
When I broke up with my boyfriend he burnt, crushed, stomped or ran over everything I had ever made for him. Special delight was taken later in recounting to me how things I had toiled over making met their end. It is truly fortunate that the beauty and deitrous of Terry Van Brunt and Robert Rauschenberg's relationship survived the fireplace’s lure to be hung on a wall for the whole city to see. More »
Crackdown Clouds at Jack Hanley Gallery
By Amy Gelbach (Feb 02, 2002)
You don't have to be stoned to enjoy Scott Hewicker's neo-hippy cosmic landscape paintings - but it might be fun. His colors are those of Elvis on black velvet, of the fairy glen in your backyard the time you took mushrooms. Hewicker's current show The Crackdown Clouds at the Jack Hanley Gallery presents satisfyingly meaty layers of abstraction that may send you in to a staring trance to rival a hardcore burner. The mostly large-scale works have a vibrant and loud presence but encourage private, even hushed conversation with the viewer. More »
amy gelbach's Articles
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