New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Port O’Brian @ Diesel Store, San Francisco, February 29, 2008

As unorthodox of a show as it gets, Port O’Brian played last Friday at the Diesel store. It was great and even without a P.A. the band just killed it, making the crowd dance and scream. With banjo blaring, drums hitting, guitars rumbling and Van Pierszalowski's voice echoing through the store I don’t think there was one person that didn’t have a great time.

2. The Mountain Goats @ Noise Pop, The Independent, San Francisco, March 1, 2008

John Darnielle knows how to make his presence known with both catchy tunes that make you relate to him and his flashy stage presence. He performed in front of a sold out crowd at The Independent for the 2nd night of a 3 show gig at 3 different venues and still hadf something to say after a great performance at Bimbo’s the night before. With songs that make you remember the trouble you used to get into when you were young, loves lost and the everyday of life, John is one hell of a lyricist.

3. The Blakes @ Noise Pop, Mezzanine, San Francisco, March 1, 2008

I guess Seattle's grunge scene isn’t dead -- it was just taking a little break. Say 'hello' to The Blakes. The threesome makes enough noise to wake the dead and make them stomp their feet. They freaking ruled. Playing as part of a great bill at Mezzanine with The Virgins and Airborne Toxic, these boys from Seattle rocked it.