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SF Station Blows It Up

1. The Gallows @ Slims, San Francisco, January 24, 2008

UK punk outfit The Gallows hit the stage in front of an eager crowd ready to rage. I knew something was off from the first word out of Frank Carter's mouth because he was standing still. Although the rest of the boys were, in their usual fashion, going nuts as soon as the first song was over, Frank explained that he had a really bad fall at their L.A. show and could barely stand…and because they didn’t want to cancel the show the crowd was going to have to deal with him not being too active. Putting all that aside the show was still great with The Gallows showing what UK Punk is all about by performing songs from their album Orchestra of Wolves out now on Epitaph.

2. Like Claws @ The Bike Kitchen, San Francisco, January 27, 2008

I haven’t been to a true DIY/punk show in a long time, well until last Sunday night, when I ventured in the rain to a place called The Bike Kitchen. Walking out of the rain and seeing people surrounding a drum set and mic on the floor, I thought to myself that this is either going to be great or really bad and to my relief, it was a f**king great time. Two bands stood out: Santa Cruz’s Fischer and Seattle’s Like Claws both a mix of punk, folk and indie. I have to say Fischer's drummer was something to see -- all of 100lbs. of him.

3. MGMT @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, January 28, 2008

On Monday night Brooklyn was in full force with MGMT and Yeasayer performing in front of a very sold out crowd. I have to be honest, until Monday night I had never heard of Yeasayer bit now I am one of their biggest fans. Mixing psychedelic rock with electronica and beyond is something to see and these guys kick ass at it. MGMT is no joke either performing hits from Oracular Spectacular their major label release. The boys in MGMT know they are pretty amazing at transforming psychedelic pop into something that can’t be classified. I must say though the highlight of the show did come at the end when Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden both jumped off the stage into the audience and sang.