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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Katy Perry @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, December 31, 2007

Breakout star Katy Perry opened the Disco 2008 show at Mezzanine with a sharp voice and some great rhythms; even faced with crazed Blaqk Audio fans who didn’t move a muscle or even crack a smile for the first few songs of the set. With a great stage presence and a gleaming wit, this girl made even Audioheads dance a little…

2. Jeans Team @ Loaded, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, January 4, 2008

Berlin does it again with the Jeans Team, a touch of Peaches and a touch of Pop mixed in with German techno. With their electropop beats and cool German lyrics, Jeans Team made the already too-cool-for-school and slightly crazed Mission hipster crowd go nuts.

3. The Black Heart Procession @ The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, January 9, 2008

When you see a man play a saw as if it was an instrument and a beautiful melody explodes from his hands you have seen almost everything. Wednesday night when Paul Jenkins sat down and began to play the saw I was simply blown away. It is very hard to classify The Black Heart Procession but I guess they are an amalgam of all music. I must also mention both of the opening bands, local kids Loquat and a very amazing band called El Olio Wolof, blew my mind.