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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Cat Empire, live onstage @ The Independent, San Francisco, January 31, 2007

While standing in front of the stage surrounded by hardcore fans waving Australian flags, wearing face paint and screaming for the band to hit the stage, I felt like this was a soccer match. When Cat Empire hit the stage they showed me that they were not soccer players but amazing musicians. There is no way that I can put the band into one class; they are a mix of Soul, R&B, Rock, Punk and 10 more styles of music that made my ears perk up and listen. Both of the lead singers are incredible, particularly Harry James Angus' vocal range, which moved between octaves like he was a machine. The band rocked the Indie for almost 2 hours of non-stop beats and treats.

2. Moving Units, live onstage @ Cafť Du Nord, San Francisco, February 1, 2007

L.A.ís Moving Units hit the stage at Cafť Du Nord to an eagerly waiting crowd last Thursday night with their usual swagger and blew the roof off the place. The indie kids danced and sang along with Blake (vocals) as he belted out songs from their upcoming album on Metropolis records as well as some classics from their debut album Dangerous Dreams. The hipsters swooned as the boys made sweet rock and roll.

3. Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal, live onstage @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, February 3, 2007

The band had four sold out dates in San Francisco, three of which were at Great American Music Hall. I showed up early on the first date at the Hall thinking I was going to get a good spot at the front but was very wrong as walking in there were already a few hundred kids crowded around the stage, it was at this point I knew this was going to be crazy show. Once Of Montreal hit the stage it was pandemonium with kids freaking out to every note and sound. At one pint a kid rushed the stage just to give a hug to Kevin and then dove back into the crowd. The show was a rollercoaster full of generation Y ups (young love) and downs.