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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Cold War Kids, live onstage @ The Independent, San Francisco, June 28, 2006

The cold war may be over but the lifestyle and music it created still lives on. I was told to check out this band called The War Kids by a friend. So on a Wednesday night I went down to the Independent to take a look and it was pretty interesting. I'm not sure how to describe these kids other than something "different". Playing a high hat on a wooden box, a Perrier bottle and making other noises that when strung together by the Kids into a melody hits you in the head and causes you to move. I don’t want to make you think that these guys are primal noisemakers -- there is amazing guitar and keys with some crazy drums as well…So step out of the box and step on to the floor and check out the Cold War Kids.

2. Serj of System of a Down, live onstage @ Ozzfest 2006, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, July 1, 2006

What to say about Ozzfest but: The days of Metal are not dead. With thousands of teens, 20somethings and middle-aged kids running around all dressed in black in 80-degree weather, it was a sight to see. This festival is not only a place for sound but also a place for sight, with freaks, geeks and simply amazing things, including Ozzy for the first time ever headlining the second stage support by guitar legend Zakk Wylde. With thousands of fans in front of him Ozzy hit the stage and rocked the crowd with hits from every decade of his long career. On the Main stage Avenge Sevenfold, Hatebreed and System of a Down, to name a few, rocked the people. As always System of a Down simply destroyed it with Serj's amazing voice and Shavo’s bass.

3. Two Seconds, live onstage @ California Home Grown Music Series, Mezzanine, San Francisco, July 5, 2006

Sixteen is a good age to be, but I never knew that someone at sixteen could sing and play. 2 seconds with Two Seconds is enough to see this. This duo of teenage girls rocked Mezzanine’s monthly California Home Grown Music Series. With harmonies that make you move and lyrics that make you see the world. With simple songs that span indie, emo and just rock’n’roll these kids will have a long career and will break a lot of hearts.