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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Dave Navarro of The Panic Channel, live onstage @ The Independent, San Francisco, June 6, 2006

To be fair, the only reason I went to see The Panic Channel was to see Dave Navarro. I thought this was going to be like his solo project Speared but I soon realized it was nothing like it. Looking at the band I realized it was 3/4 Jane’s Addiction with Stephen Perkins on the drums and Chris Chaney on the bass but with a new addiction of Steve Isaacs on the Vox. To put it simply these guys killed it with stage presence, vocals and amazing drums and guitar. This was an all around show with Steve driving the fans into a frenzy and Navarro just being Navarro with chicks grabbing at his junk. So take a chance and watch The Panic Channel.

2. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, live onstage @ Live 105’s BFD, Mountain View, June 10, 2006

San Francisco's Live 105 radio station does it again with their BFD Festival. With 25 bands ranging from local favorites Streets to Nowere to the legendary Echo and the Bunnymen. I had a blast watching Wolfmother rock the kids with their psychedelic rock n’roll and Panic! at the Disco having little girls yell marriage proposals at them. As always the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stole the show with Karen O being her crazy fun self with a voice that could make the dead dance.

3. Jeff Tucker of Rock Kills Kid, live onstage @ Mezzanine, San Francisco June 10, 2006

Rock Kills Kid does really kill the kids…or simply rocks the kids. LA La Land is not Manchester but I guess sometimes it does give birth to something meaningful and Rock Kills Kids is a great example of this with music that mirrors Joy Division and U2 but with their own twist. They come into your head and make you scream. This night was no different with girls screaming as they hit the stage performing their hits "Paralyzed," and "Hideaway" they made me move my feet and think.