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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Alex Turner of the Artic Monkeys, live onstage @ The Warfield, San Francisco, May 31, 2006

With the roar of the crowd and the beat of the drum the Artic Monkeys hit the stage at the San Franciscoís famed Warfield. These kids from Sheffield, England are the talk of the music world, with their simple lyrics and infectious instruments. This night was no different -- kids screamed and the Monkeys played. I personally can't relate to the lyrics but understand why others can so thatís why these kids are a band to watch in the coming years.

2. Alain Whyte of the Red Lightning, live onstage @ Popscene 330 Ritch, San Francisco, June 1, 2006

Punk, Rock and Mod mix well in this band of three. The singer and songwriter Alain Whyte of Morrissey fame leads. Morrissey look a likes roamed the venue as the band hit the stage and with the first words out of Alainís mouth you knew why. With country twang and a rhythm guitar Red Lightning will make your heart ache and your feet go.

3. Tigarah, live onstage @ Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, June 2, 2006

In the same vain as MIA, Lady Sovereign and even Missy Elliot, the Japanese are now in the running for the queen of hip hop with their girl Tigarah. I had the pleasure of getting a private show and damn it was great. Tigarah is a mix of hip-hop, rock and her own unique ability to make you nod your head. With amazing stage presence and sound that grabs at you she is the it girl.