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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Eric, live onstage @ The US Air Guitar Championships, The Independent, San Francisco, May 11, 2006

I came in to the Indie this past Thursday to have some fun and watch some people play some guitar, well, air guitar. The rules of this contest are simple: two rounds, round one you get to pick any song and round two every one does 60 sec of a song chosen by the judges. It was a drunken night of air guitar, insults and insanity...To start the night the US Chap. performed a exhibition in-front of a sold out crowd and it was great. Well and then came the competitors and it was one strange crowd ranging from the de-mulleted and elvis impersonators to a kid that looked like a reject from a "Mad Max" movie who stuck a finger up his butt. At one point in the second round a female competitor tore off her top, which was pretty hot, but still not good enough to win. In the end it was "Hot Lips Houlihan" well not the real chick from MASH but a guy dressed in a Sombrero and leather jacket that took the AIR Guitar win with his theatrics to The Dead Kennedy's "California Uber Alles". So go out there and learn Air Guitar so that next year you could be the air god.

2. John Vanderslice, live onstage @ The Independent, San Francisco, May 12, 2006

Saturday night John Vanderslice returned to San Francisco from his Spring Tour of US and Canada and put on a great show. With a crowd of fans staring and stomping to his every word/cord he rocked the crowd. John's own melodic rock permeates through your skin and makes you think and at the same time lose yourself.

3. The Fall, live onstage @ The Independent, San Francisco May 15, 2006

The Fall is a legendary post punk band from the UK and when they hit the stage at the Independent on Monday night it was mayhem. The only real member of this band is the singer Mark E Smith who is really The Fall and the band that was onstage with him that night has only been on tour for the past week. But I have to say they sure don't sound like it. The show was like a play with Mr. Smith as the choreographer/director and the lead. With a single flick of his wrist the band moves onstage and with another flick he goes and turns down the guitarist or turns up the bass or puts a vocal mic into the drum. But all this strange stuff ends up with a sweet music that is damn worth it.