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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Nick Wheeler & Tyson Ritter, live on stage with The All American Rejects @ the Event Center at San Jose State, April 5, 2006

Supporting Fall Out Boy on the The Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour the All American Rejects hit the stage in front of a sold out crowd. The Rejects know how to drive a crowd crazy with their simple lyrics and cords. When I looked into the eyes of the fans that were screaming and dancing I could see their obsession and the band's ability to entrance them. Tyson (lead vocals) and Nick's (guitar) synergy on stage is shown through their intense performance.

2. Travis Barker and DJ AM, live on stage @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, April 7, 2006

Very simply put: if you haven't heard of Travis Barker or DJ AM you've been under a rock for the past 5 odd years. Travis being the drummer for the pop punk stars Blink 182, his own TV show called "Meet the Barkers" and tattoos that don't stop. And DJ AM being the forerunner in the Mash-Up movement and a resident in many of the top nightclubs around the world. So when I was told that they started a new act, band or what ever it's called I thought this might be very interesting. Walking into the show I was ready. The place was sold out with hot chicks running around and screaming for them to hit the stage and once they did, the place just went nuts; at one point the crowd was so crazy that I had to put my feet at the edge of the stage and hold the barricade with my back. Travis ruled the drums while DJ AM dropped beat after beat, it was a mix of hip hop, rock and even some punk.

3. Guy Garvey of Elbow, live on stage @ The Independent, San Francisco, April 9, 2006

UK rockers Elbow hit the stage at The Independent for the 2nd show on their tour, promoting Leaders of The Free World, their new album. The show had been sold out for a few days and people were definitely on edge waiting for them to hit the stage. Elbow's lyrics have always been easy to relate to because of what their is about: life and how people go through it. It was amazing with what ease Guy Garvey's vocals moved the crowd to dance. The show was great with mood's shifting from dark to light, like a story line of a good book. I have to air something that kinda doesn't have anything to do with the Elbow show but I thought it would be interesting to I have been shooting for a while now and in my experience the mellowest, greatest bands have the craziest fans, and Elbow is no exeption. As I was shooting a lady walked up to me and told me that I was leaning on her jacket so I stepped back thinking she was just going to take it, but she didn't, she just stepped right in-front of me. So I walked around her and stepped in the empty spot in front of her. As I began to shoot I could hear her telling her friend that I was an asshole and I should just go away. So I turned and asked what her problem was and she told me that I was in her way and that I should just leave and I was a jackass. Well, I didn't and she began to go off. So, I just turned around and kept on shooting. This is not the first time this has happened at a show. Take a chill pill and relax -- this is a concert! People will be in your way and you should get over it.