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SF Station Blows It Up

1.TsuSuMaMiRe, live on stage @ The Independent, San Francisco, March 28, 2006

Japanese bands know how to rock a crowd and make them feel every note. TsuSuMaMiRe, whose sound mixes a little bit of punk, funk and plain rock and roll, consists of three chicks and wow do they put it down . The mix of sound that these girls created that night even made me stomp my feet ..... so if you get a chance, go and check them out.

2. Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, live on stage @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, April 1, 2006

I had shown up at Mezzanine that night to shoot these guys called Band of Horses from Seattle. I was told that they are the new "IT" band, and that they were going to show me a thing or two. Well these boys did it with a simple country twang and a swagger that mad the girls in the place scream. Performing songs from their album Everything All The Time while channeling Brian Wilson in his melodic voice and simple guitar rhythms, Ben Bridwell creates a soundscape of both happiness and sadness.

3. Kid Koala, live on stage @ Noise Pop Music Festival, The Independent, San Francisco, April 1, 2006

Hip Hop, Trip Hop and everything in between is Kid Koala performing at the Independent for the Noisepop Music Festival. This was the the only step into the world of the hip hop beat from Noisepop this year and what a step it was! Kid's ability to make a match out of beats that really don't make sense is uncanny. With kids staring in AWE he spun a web of music that made you float in the air and loose yourself in it.