New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Elefant, live on stage @ The Fillmore, San Francisco, March 15, 2006

Walking in to the Fillmore is always a pleasure. the legendary venue has hosted music royalty from Prince to Beck so seeing Elefant live on this same stage was definitely a treat. They performed tracks from their forthcoming new album The Black Magic Show. With their own type of rock and roll and a melodic energy that seems to infect
peoples minds and make them scream, the boys rocked the house. Even though Diego Garcia (vocals) had a hurt leg he still managed to be
get himself moving around and getting the fans to dance.

2. Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, live onstage @ The Fillmore, San Francisco, March 15, 2006

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is back on tour supporting their new album Howl. This stop was at the Fillmore in San Francisco and what
a stop it was, performing in front of a sold out crowd that sang and danced along with every note and word. BRMCs way to put together
rock, country and punk is only rivaled by their stage presence. To put it simply they would be the product if Hank Williams III had a baby with Tom Waits. They're are definitely worth checking out.

3. Anti Flag, live onstage @ Slims, San Francisco, March 19, 2006

Well punk isn't dead -- it was just signed to a major label and is now in everybody's ear. The talk about Anti Flag going to a major label has been on the end of tongues for the past few months gossiping about the big move. Will they
loose their fans or will they get lost in the mainstream? After seeing them live, I say "NO", NO and HELL NO!" -- these boys still
have their fans and they are still as punk as ever. With kids screaming and moshing along to every verse -- it was one amazing show. However, the show turned a little political when the bands started speasking about the invasion of privacy that our government is doing and the efforts by them and a few senators to stop it but it was on point and drove fans into an even bigger frenzy.