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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Chris Martin of Coldplay, live onstage @ The Oakland Arena, Oakland, January 31, 2006

Coldplay is one of the worlds biggest bands and once you see a live show you know why. The Brits hit the stage at the Oakland arena with a vengance, performing hits from their new album X&Y. As always Chris Martin was like a whirlwind playing guitar, piano and singing. A plasma screen running the length of the stage and a light show reflected the energy of the band as well as the fans. There were also some treats with the band performing some covers of Johnny Cash. So if you get a chance to catch these guys on the last leg of their US tour, do it.

2. David Klein of Birdmonster, live onstage @ CAHMS Mezzanine, San Francisco, February 1, 2006

At another installment of Mezzanine's California Homegrown Music Series, San Francisco band Birdmonster hit the stage to screaming
fans. I am not sure if it was the sound system or the band but it felt a little flat in the building. On the other hand these guys are pretty good with simple vocals and guitar rhythms that make people

3. Richard Archer of Hard-Fi, live onstage @ Popscene, 330Ritch, San Francisco, February 2, 2006

Well, now I know why they were the number one band in the UK and what all the hype was about. Popscene was completely sold out with a
line running all the way down to the end of the block. The crowd was ready for them, singing along with every word and dancing to every
beat. These boys are a mixture of plain rock and roll and some invention of their own and damn does it work.