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SF Station Blows It Up

1. M83, live on stage @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, September 29, 2005

Well the French are well known for their wine and champagne and now for crazy electronic rock. M83's simple guitar rhythms and electronic beats made the crowd dance and the room spin. Mezzanine was shaken as the the keys dropped on his keyboard and the light show filled the room.

2. Sigur Ros, live on stage @ The Paramount Theater, Oakland, October 1, 2005

Iceland is the land of great bands and Sigur Ros is the most amazing of the bunch. It was proper that they played the legendary Paramount Theater to a sold out audience. Their minimal sound filled the theater as fans stared without even letting out a breath, it was almost surreal to be watching a band holding 3000 people in such silence.

3. Jamie Lidell, live on stage @ The Independent, San Francisco, October 3, 2005

So it's rare for me to be asked to shoot an opening act, but I showed up early to the "Four Tet" show at The Independent and man was it worth it. Standing backstage waiting for the show to start I hear a voice get on the mic and it blew my mind; a voice like a 70s soul singer and beats from 90s electronica. As I rushed out to see who was on stage I was shocked that it was a skinny white guy from England. Mashing up soul, pop, jazz and techno live onstage, while looping his own voice against the beat.