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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Bryan Hollon, lead of Boom-Bip on stage @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, July 15, 2005

So Boom-Bip is something like Louis Armstrong with a a synth. With electronic jazz-infused beats Bryan Hollon creates an audio landscape that makes you dance. With a futuristic visual show and with great support from his band-mates this is definitely a band to watch, follow and dance to.

2. Cooper, vocals of Oneor2Words, on stage in Redwood City, July 16, 2005

So lets start from the beginning -- these boys are only 18 and do come from the proverbial suburbia but I do have to say they are what punk was and hopefully is going to be once again. With lyrics that reflect life and the simple struggles of teens today, in contrast to most bands (e.g. Good Charlotte), that say and look punk but sound more like an accordion monkey. With solid guitar play by John and heavy drums by Ilya these boys will have a long and successful career ahead of them...

3. The Shout Out Louds, backstage @ The Fillmore, San Francisco, July 19, 2005

Shout Out Louds debut album Howl Howl Gaff Gaff (out now on Capitol records) is a sign of things to come for this Swedish 5-piece. They definitely impressed me, with strong chorus vocals, melodic transitions and strong guitar play. Adam (the singer) uses his voice to project something onto his fans that puts them in a trance and all they can do is scream.