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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Jonny Aitken (drums) and Shane Lawlor (guitar) of Nic Armstrong and The Thieves @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco May 2nd 2005

If you haven't heard of these guys yet you will very very soon. They hale from the UK as does a lot of the really good music in 2005. They have dark lyrics, great guitar and bass lines, amazing drums and a sound influenced by The Beatles and Little Richard. With a drummer like Jonny and a guitar player like Shane no wonder they blew my mind......... <a href=""></a>;

2. Jon King (vocals) of Gang of Four @ The Fillmore, San Francisco May 3rd 2005

Gang of Four is the reason that half of the New York music scene exists even though they are from the UK. I could see why -- Jon's intense energy on stage and his hard vocals not only make you dance but they also make you think. Even though this was there first tour since 1981 with the original cast they sounded like they never had stopped.

3. Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes @ Concourse, San Francisco, May 4th 2005

The mix of colors, creeds and ages as I walked in to the Concourse showed what I always thought about Bright Eyes: "Amazing" . As this 24-year old musical protege came on stage and began to play the crowed started to scream and dance. Watching him play the synthesizer, guitar and beat machine, I realized that here is "Mozart" or as Nat Hayes put it "The Prince of Indie Rock..........."
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