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SF Station blows it up

1. Bernard Sumner vocals, guitarist of New Order @ Henry J Kaiser Arena, Oakland April 29th 2005

The first words out of Bernard Sumners mouth were "This is for the singer of our first band Ian Curtis". As the words "Love Will Tare Us A Part" came out, the crowd roared and the ground shook. This legendary band called New Order made the crowd tremble with pleasure. Even though these boys have had some setbacks, you can't see that when they play live and they can still make people dance and have a good all time... <a href=""></a>;

2.Yan, vocals and guitar of British Sea Power @ The Independent, San Francisco April 30th 2005

So these guys are some British kids from Brighton, East Sussex. They seem pretty cool and the club was definitely packed but I have to say they didn't impress me much. Before I shot the show I checked out the music and I thought it was pretty cool but once the band was on stage and playing I realised they were definitely not a live sound. <a href=""></a>;

3. The Heavenly States @ The Independent, San Francisco April 30th, 2005

Diamond in the rough is what you would call this Oakland band. With strong vocals and guitar, great keys and drums these local boys and girl can rock. There sounds is loud and fun to watch so if you get a chance try to see them live... <a href=""></a>;