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SF Station blows it up

1. Every Move a Picture backstage [email protected] 330 Ritch, April 7th 2005
Lets start at the beginning... I came in to the show with no idea what I was shooting accept that I was told that these guys are good (but I've heard that before). So as the boys started to play it sounded like some pop punk that's the "it sound" right now but as the song went on it sounded more and more unique. To put it into words it would be if Joy Division and Blondie had a kid and his name was Every Move a Picture

2. Brent (singer) of Every Move a Picture live [email protected] 330 Ritch, April 7th 2005. Well the vocals sound tight and the energy that these
boys put out is definetly great. The live show is something to be seen!

3. Kings of Leon live, Popscene @ Great American Music Hall , April 8th 2005... So I think we all by now have heard of these guys. If not there the band U2 chose to back them up on there tour. This guys have abilities, and their current album sounds good.. But I am not sure about the live show. Even though the show was sold out and full of their crazed fans, I felt like the intensity was not reciprocated by the band who walked around the stage like zombies and screamed in to the mic.