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SF Station blows it up

1. Tom and Sergio Pizzorno of Kasabian @ Slims, March 11th 2005
So I came into the show expecting something different from the hottest band in the UK and I got it. With the guitar and keys driven songs, they tear into your ear drums. I have to say one thing -- their live show is definately way better than the album so if you get a chance, you have to check these guys out.....

2. Christopher Karloff of Kasabian @ Slims, March 11th 2005.
What to say about this shadow puppet master, but that he controls the bass with the ease that most control their own hands.

3. Stuart Coleman of The Music @ Slims, March 11th 2005.
Well I am in the crowd and I have earplugs and when these guys take the stage I realize how intense their fans truly are when the screams pierce the air ... These progenitors of The Doves and Coldplay really did a good job with controlling the crowd with their thick baselines.