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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Dolly Parton @ the Greek Theater, Berkeley, August 5, 2008

When I found out that Dolly Parton was in town, there was no way I would miss it. Once the queen of country hit the stage, she ran around in heels and rhinestones and belted out amazing tunes, even doing a rendition of "Jolene" that made me sing along. All this was to promote her new album Backwoods Barbie, her first mainstream country record in 17 years. I would advice every aspiring singer should look at Dolly and learn.

2. The Faint @ The Grand, San Francisco, August 5, 2008

The Faint have always been a favorite of mine and last Tuesday night that was proven once again with a crazy light-show, sick stage presence and, of course, some great tunes. With every synthetic beat of the keyboard, every stroke of the drums and pull of the strings, these boys made the entire place shake and scream; I am almost positive even the walls sang and danced along. Now go out and get their album Fasciinatiion.

3. Perry Farrell and Slash @ Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago, August 2, 2008

Last week I had the chance to go to Chicago's Grant Park for Lollapalooza. This was my first Lollapalooza in Chicago. I was one of the lucky ones to experience it when it was just a traveling show in the 90s but this was a pretty fun time and, man, having Chicago as the backdrop didn't hurt either. Musically my highlights were the Battles, Saul Williams, Raconteurs, Mark Ronson and Kanye West who all just killed it. But my ultimate highlight was when my friend Alex told me to go shoot Perry Farrell when I got backstage I saw that Slash was hanging out. He ended up jumping on for 2 songs and despite some sound problems, the king of the guitar, and the man originally responsible for this great fest, rocked out and gave us all a treat.